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Marriage and Submission (Part 1/2)

Chess: Husband and Wife Submission Submission.  Are we going to go there?  Why yes, yes we are.  Hope you are ready for this two part series as I tread on some dangerous territory, especially as a male author… Read more »


Marriage Is Not About Your Happiness (Part 3/3)

Ephesians 5 Husband and Wife SubmissionYou remember those WWJD bracelets?  Well I am not saying go out and buy one, but burn that into your mind and make that your mantra when it comes to making decisions as a husband.  Just remember: it’s not about you.  That simple shift will revolutionize the way you view your marriage and role in it.  Jesus was a servant king.  He did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life.[1]  That is the call of a husband to his wife.  It’s not about you.

The crazy thing is that it isn’t about your wife either.  It’s all about Jesus. Read more »


Marriage Is Not About Your Happiness (Part 2/3)

Ephesians 5 Husband and Wife SubmissionHave you ever asked people what they think the purpose of marriage is?  You may be surprised at what kind of answers you get.  Look it up on a google search and you find all kinds of answers: “tax breaks”, “to raise a family”, “stability”, and “to keep divorce attorneys making triple digits” are just a few of the answers you will actually find!  One (legitimate) survey was done by the Pew Research Center in July of 2007 that polled over 2,000 random selected participants in the United States and asked them a series of questions about marriage.  Do you know what the #1 answer was for what these randomly selected people was when they asked what the purpose of marriage was? Read more »


Marriage Is Not About Your Happiness (Part 1/3)

Ephesians 5 Husband and Wife SubmissionSubmit to one another out of reverence for Christ.  – Ephesians 5:21, NIV 

In this series, we are going to explore the first verse of Paul’s famous exhortation to husband and wives and hopefully debunk a lot of confusing and misread verses in the process…. Read more »


Creating A Culture of Appreciation

Appreciation for the little things your wife doesEveryone wants to be appreciated and get recognition.  It goes back to when you were little and lived for the moment your parent or teacher praised you for something you did right.  And we never really grow out of this; we just mask it better as we get older.  But the truth remains that we all like to be applauded for things we do right.  And this is such a key element in your marriage… creating a culture of appreciation will save you from countless fights and misunderstandings. Read more »